Stone Veneer and Manufactured Stone Cladding – Akron/Canton Ohio

Stone Veneers (also known as Engineered Stone Siding, Manufactured Stone Veneer or faux stone), is an affordable alternative to natural stone. Aside from its beautiful appearance, Manufactured Stone Veneer also offers some distinct advantages. The engineered stone is a fraction of the weight of traditional stone. This allows for large areas of stone cladding without the need for additional structural reinforcement. When installed properly faux stone can offer many of the same advantages of traditional brick or stone, at a fraction of the cost. Now you can have quality, distinguished look to the outside of your home that you simply can’t achieve with stucco or siding.

At Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers, we have the experience to prepare the exterior walls and job site to ensure that your stone refacing project is completed to the highest standards. The area is prepped, the stone is installed, and the wall is sealed and finished. Your new exterior will give added dimension to your home that lasts for years and years.

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