Work with the Home Remodeler You Know You Can Trust

home remodelerLooking for the best home remodeler in Akron or surrounding areas? There is a reason Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers has become the trusted name to get the job done. No job is too big or too small, and you will never find a way to be more pleased with the results. In fact, before deciding on choosing any Canton Ohio home remodeler, first see just some of the things Kline could be doing for you:

  • change the look and functionality of your kitchen with all new custom built cabinetry
  • large scale additions that will make your home even more enjoyable as well as increase the value
  • change or renew your floors with laminate or linoleum
  • convert a room or add on to your house with a wet bar or entertainment centers
  • install or replace skylights
  • increase the value of your home with a deck or gazebo
  • and so much more

If you can dream it and envision it for your home, Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers can make it a reality. From the biggest of add-ons to professional picture hanging, you can make your house the dream home you have always wanted. More

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Where to Turn for Residential Remodeling

residential remodelingHave you been thinking about residential remodeling? Are you ready to transform your house into your ultimate dream home? Even if you have always loved your home, isn’t it time to give it a makeover? Perhaps, you want to put your house on the market and would love to do some things to help increase the resale value. It could be that your child has left for college and you are ready to make some changes to settle in and enjoy the home in a completely new way. Maybe you just want that new kitchen cabinetry so you never have to look at the old ones again.

The great news is that Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers can make any and all of this happen. When it comes to residential remodeling, have you ever thought about having:

  • Skylights installed or at least your old ones replaced?
  • The plumbing of your classic home restored by being updated?
  • Your bathroom remodeled or a new one added?
  • A deck or gazebo added to your home or property?
  • Making your home more fun with a rec room, home bar or ultimate entertainment center?

Almost all home owners from Akron, Canton and all points in the Northeast Ohio region have wished they could change something about their home. When you buy your home, there is usually at least one little thing you wish was different. Even if you designed your own home, you may have discovered some things you wish you had done differently.

With residential remodeling through Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers, you can achieve all of this. More

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Home Repair Canton Ohio Residents Might Need

home repairIn the world of home repair, Canton, Ohio residents would do well to know why keeping up on minor repairs is so vitally important. A minor home repair can quickly become a major home repair if it is left undone. And while there are a number of quick and easy repairs for your home that you can handle on your own, there are even more seemingly simple home repairs that you should leave to the professionals.

Why a Professional Makes Sense for Minor Home Repairs

If you have ever started to tackle a home repair Akron, Ohio project only to find that the project is more involved than you are capable of handling or you find that you just don’t have the right tools, then you understand why calling a professional home repair company such as Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers is a necessity. Not only will you get a professional estimate from them, you will get the repairs done correctly and much faster than you could for yourself.

Professionally performed home repairs not only go faster because of skill and the correct tools, but also look much better than what most people are able to do on their own. Of course, if you have more than average level skills and some handyman tools, you may be able to do very basic, minor home repairs, within reason and with some very serious warnings. More

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Home Repair Canton Ohio: When is the Right Time?

home repair canton ohioYou may have been putting it off, but you will know when it is time to do home repair Canton Ohio residents. The trick is learning what you can realistically do yourself and when it is time to hire a true professional to help repair your home. There are certainly several small repair jobs that can be attacked using the DIY or do it yourself approach. Realistically, though, there are many that are beyond the skill set of an amateur and tackling any of these could lead to further damage or even personal injury.

This is certainly true if you have multiple tasks to complete, especially if they are tasks that link together. If you have jobs that involve major components of the home such as electric and plumbing, it is best to leave that to the professionals. Hiring experts to complete certain home repair tasks ensures the job is done right the first time. This can help save you headache, hassle and even money by letting experts complete repairing home jobs for you.

Where to Turn for Home Repair Akron Ohio

When they need home repair, Akron Ohio residents usually know who to turn to. When it comes to knowing which name to trust for repairing home issues in and around these Ohio areas, the Kline name is what comes to mind. Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers gives homeowners the repair they need from a name they trust. You can be confident that when you work with Kline you will get the best in service and repair from a knowledgeable expert in the field. More

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Kitchen Remodeling Made Easy With Kline Custom Homes & Remodelers

kitchen remodelingWhen it is time to get your kitchen remodeling project started, you know you can trust Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers. Remodeling is our expertise and taking care of our Ohio customers and their remodeling needs is our priority. We stand behind the high standards we set, and the highest quality craftsmanship goes into the planning and carrying out phase of our kitchen remodeling or any other tasks.

No job is too large or too small, so get the kitchen remodeling Akron Ohio residents have come to rely on. At Kline, we take simple installations to large scale remodels equally seriously. When it comes to the remodeling needs of your home, we know it is important to you, no matter what size task it is. For that reason, we consider each job as important as the next and value our Ohio customers relying on us to get the job done. We know we would not be where we are today if we were not supplying the residents of Ohio with the quality and expert work they deserve.

Why Choose Kline

For your upcoming kitchen remodel or other home project, we want you to trust Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers. We are a family owned and operated organization that is proud to live among the Ohio residents we serve. We are and work with only the finest and highest quality of Northeast Ohio craftsmen. Part of the reason we can tackle your remodeling kitchen project is that custom remodels and builds are our specialty and area of expertise. More

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Stone Veneer and Manufactured Stone Cladding – Akron/Canton Ohio

Stone Veneers (also known as Engineered Stone Siding, Manufactured Stone Veneer or faux stone), is an affordable alternative to natural stone. Aside from its beautiful appearance, Manufactured Stone Veneer also offers some distinct advantages. The engineered stone is a fraction of the weight of traditional stone. This allows for large areas of stone cladding without the need for additional structural reinforcement. When installed properly faux stone can offer many of the same advantages of traditional brick or stone, at a fraction of the cost. Now you can have quality, distinguished look to the outside of your home that you simply can’t achieve with stucco or siding.

At Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers, we have the experience to prepare the exterior walls and job site to ensure that your stone refacing project is completed to the highest standards. The area is prepped, the stone is installed, and the wall is sealed and finished. Your new exterior will give added dimension to your home that lasts for years and years.

If you have questions contact us at Kline Custom Homes at 1.800.596.9301 or

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Custom Decks & Composite Decking for Ohio Summers

A quality custom deck can turn your backyard into an oasis.  But, irregular care and maintenance can turn that oasis into a part-time summer job.  That is why many Northeast Ohio homeowners turn to Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers for routine maintenance of their wood decks.  And more and more, Ohioans are turning to composite decking to alleviate the burden of caring for wood through the seasons.

At Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers, we design, build, install and maintain the highest quality composite decking in the industry.

Composite Decking

Ohio offers much to residents and visitors; among the most notable are our four full seasons.  Blazing sun in the summertime, blistering cold in the winter, buckets of rain in the spring, and falling leaves in the autumn.  While stunning to observe, these dramatic weather changes and year-round precipitation wreak havoc on wood decking.  The only way to preserve wood in these conditions is continual routine maintenance.  Staining, painting, power washing, pest treating, and replacement of warped or damaged boards are all part of the care of wood decking.

Composite decking resists warping, fading, and pests.  It maintains it’s color, doesn’t split, warp, or crack.  Just the occasional power washing, and you’ll have the deck you wanted, without the part time job you never signed up for.

If you’d like more information about composite decking: including color options, material options, or would like a free estimate for a new composite deck, Contact Us at Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers.  We’re here to answer any questions you have.

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We hope you enjoy the new website.  Come back often to see new updates and our project photo gallery that will be up soon.

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